Hi, I'm Sarah Lynn

 I am the one man band behind it all. All of my work is fabricated by hand alongside my bench in my she shed. Whether it's forging, hammering, filing, shaping or oh so carefully setting stones in their setting, I do it all, including personalizing & shipping your orders with love. When I'm not soldering away, you can find me exploring in nature, thrifting for unique finds, traveling to new places, laughing at my own jokes, painting a picture, or reading a book i can't seem to put down. Before learning the ways of metalsmithing, I collected rings as I traveled for many years. Eyeing gemstones that really spoke to my soul and matched my energy. Jewelry is a form of expression & a way to connect to our Earth. Each piece is a form of art that can represent individuals in a unique way. Nature is such an inspiration & sometimes we forget to appreciate it, but connecting to the Earth through jewelry can help us to remember. Jewelry always has a story & I hope to be a chapter in yours someday. Creating pieces of art for you is nothing but therapeutic and fulfilling for me. YOU are the ones who light the fire beneath me. Thank you for being here & i hope you enjoy getting a little lost in the magic as you look around.